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About Us

Since 2006, we’ve helped owners and tenants in the Los Angeles area achieve their goals. Our success comes from our passion, integrity, and versatility. As a residential division of Rosano Capital Partners, we have over a century of combined experience in the commercial side of real estate. Now, we’re bringing that level of experience and dedication to individuals and families like you.


We work with the most reliable maintenance professionals to ensure your property is clean and safe.

Maximized Profit

We analyze the market, streamline operations, and cut costs to grow your bottom line year after year.

Tenant Satisfaction

We give every tenant individualized attention to build long-term relationships and achieve high occupancy rates.

Reputation for Excellence

We’ve built countless relationships with local businesses, allowing us to acquire attractive insurance rates.

One-on-One Attention

With a specialized and professional team, we have just the right person to handle each project.

Crisis Management

While we strive for the best, we have safeguards in place to manage emergencies and minimize financial loss.

Contact Us

Call us at (213) 784-0223 or email us today. We’ll answer your renting or property management questions and invite you to a free tour or asset analysis.

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